FRYD 1g carts & 2g disposable carts are Fire

Oct 09, 2023Alexa Support

Now Available:

Enjoy the new 1g Sugar Suace 510 thread cartridges!
510 thread battery is not included

or Opt for the Live Resin 2g disposables!
Rechargeable Battery is included

🌿 Experience the Flavorful Revolution of Fryd Extracts! 🌿

Fryd Extracts is rewriting the narrative of the cannabis culture, offering a collection of potent strains that not only deliver a powerful punch but also take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Fryd caters to the daydreamers, the solo stoners, the hustlers, and the wake 'n' bakers. Their cartridges are meticulously crafted from premium cannabis oil, live resin, and liquid diamonds, ensuring each puff is a flavor-packed adventure.

FRYD 1g carts & 2g disposable carts are Fire

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