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2g FRYD - Apple Juice Live Resin Disposable

🍏 2g Fryd Apple Juice Live Resin - A Crisp Vaping Delight

Elevate Your Vaping Journey:

  • THC: Elevated potency for a truly impactful experience.
  • Type: Hybrid - A balanced harmony of relaxation and vitality.
  • Device Type: Disposable - Peak convenience meets unparalleled quality.
  • Battery: Included - Seamlessly ready for your enjoyment straight out of the box.

🌞 Taste the Freshness: Dive into the refreshing essence of Fryd Apple Juice Live Resin. Each inhale delivers the crisp, clean taste of freshly squeezed apples, complemented by subtle hints of sweet nectar and a zestful finish. This live resin captures the essence of apple in every cloud, offering a burst of natural goodness.

🌈 Daytime Companion: Perfectly crafted for daytime enjoyment, the Apple Juice strain offers a balanced escape. It's the ideal pick-me-up for enhancing focus, uplifting spirits, and invigorating the senses, making every moment more vibrant and full of life.

🔥 Potent and Refined: Sourced from premium Hybrid flowers, this live resin showcases a THC concentration that promises both potency and a well-rounded experience. The meticulous extraction process retains the purity and full spectrum of flavors, ensuring a refined and potent hit with every puff.

Hassle-Free Enjoyment: Forget about the fuss of charging or refilling – this disposable device

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