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2g FRYD - All New! Kiwi Kush Berry Live Resin Disposable

Savor the Exotic Delight of Kiwi Kush Berry! 🥝🍇

Regular Price: $70

Strain Characteristics:

Kiwi Kush Berry offers deeply relaxing effects, perfect for unwinding after a long day. This indica strain provides a soothing experience, making each moment feel like a tranquil escape.


🍭 Embark on a delicious journey with each puff, as the unique taste of kiwi blends seamlessly with the rich, sweet essence of berries, creating a flavorful and relaxing experience.

Premium Features:

🔋 All-in-One Experience: 2G Fryd Disposable – the ultimate convenience for your relaxation moments.

💎 Elite Composition: Expertly crafted with Liquid Diamonds and FRYD Live Resin, ensuring a premium and luxurious vaping experience.

🌬️ Battery Included: Ready to use straight out of the box; dive into the berry-kiwi adventure without any delay.

Commitment to Quality:

🌿 Superior Cannabis Choice: For those who appreciate unmatched taste and relaxation.

🌌 Pure Essence: Savor the authentic flavors and calming effects of the Kiwi Kush Berry strain, perfectly captured by FRYD.

Drench your senses in a symphony of kiwi and berry sweetness. Let FRYD guide your relaxation, making every puff a serene escape into fruity bliss.

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