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1g Shatter - Blueberry Cherries

Blueberry Cherries 1g Shatter - Indica πŸ’

Strain Type: Indica πŸƒ
THC Content: 83.16% πŸš€
Genetics: Oregon '85 Blueberry X (Cherry Pie X Planet Purple) 🧬

Immerse yourself in the deep, fruity fusion of our Blueberry Cherries 1g Shatter! With an impressive THC content of 83.16%, this pure indica shatter offers a potent and soothing experience. This indulgent blend combines the sweet tanginess of Oregon '85 Blueberry with the rich, complex flavors of Cherry Pie and Planet Purple, creating a lush and layered berry and cherry profile. πŸ’

The dominant terpenes infuse every session with a burst of blueberry and cherry aromas, making each hit a delightfully sweet treat. Blueberry Cherries shatter wraps your senses in a fruity embrace, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day with its powerful effects and tantalizing sweetness. Whether you're seeking to relax deeply or indulge in a flavorful escapade, Blueberry Cherries is your go-to delight. Dive into this berry-rich experience and let the decadent flavors captivate your palate! 🍰🌿

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