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1g FRYD Liquid Diamond Sugar Sauce - Something Purple Haze

Embrace the Euphoria of Elegance! 🍇🌌


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Compatibility: Perfectly crafted for 510-thread devices.

Composition: Intricately extracted from the classic Sativa strain, Purple Haze.

Effects: Energize your spirit and elevate your mood for an all-day burst of positivity. The perfect companion to keep you motivated and in high spirits.

Taste: Relish in a melody of berry, fruity undertones, and rich grape, topped off with a sprinkle of spicy sweetness. Dive deep into the reminiscent flavors of Purple Haze.

Crafted With: A harmonious blend of cannabis oil, premium live resin, and sparkling liquid diamonds. Unveil the refined nuances of FRYD's craftsmanship with every puff.

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