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1g Live Resin Crumble: Gorilla Glue

🦍 GORILLA GLUE 1g Live Resin Crumble: Unleash the Beast 🦍

Unrivaled in its potency and purity, our GORILLA GLUE live resin crumble is a true testament to the strength and resilience of its namesake. As an indica powerhouse, it offers a profound relaxation experience, perfect for ending your day on a high note.

🔥 Flavor & Effects: Rich and earthy with hints of coffee and chocolate, this crumble delivers a heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, melting away stress and pain.

🌿 Perfect For: Evening relaxation, deep meditation, and those times when only the most potent indica will do.

💤 Experience: Dive into a blissful oblivion with GORILLA GLUE and let the world's worries fade away into the background.

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