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1g Badder Live Resin - Fried Bananas

🍌 Fried Bananas Live Resin Badder: A Tropical Fusion of Euphoria 🍨

Type: Indica
THC: A staggering 93.12% for an unforgettable high.
Device Type: Use a Dab Rig/Concentrate Pen - Dive into convenience and potency.

🔥 Taste the Exotic: Savor the lush fusion of Fried Bananas Live Resin Badder. Each dab immerses you in the sweet, tropical essence of Guava Stardawg melded seamlessly with the creamy, dessert-like notes of Gelato 41. It’s a flavorful journey that encapsulates the best of both strains, delivering a taste that’s both invigorating and blissfully indulgent.

🌅 Euphoric Heights: Perfect for any time of day, Fried Bananas strikes the ideal balance, uplifting your spirit with a wave of euphoria that transitions into a peaceful, serene calm. It's the ultimate companion for enhancing your mood or winding down after a busy day.

Potent & Pure: Crafted from premium Indica strains, this live resin badder boasts a high THC potency, ensuring each session is as effective as it is exquisite. Advanced extraction techniques capture the full spectrum of flavors and effects, offering a consistent and potent experience.

🌿 Exquisite Experience: With no prep needed, dive straight into a premium vaping journey. Ready to go from the moment you open the jar, Fried Bananas Live Resin Badder promises a discreet, efficient, and luxurious experience.

Embark on a Flavorful Odyssey: With Fried Bananas Live Resin Badder, you're not just choosing a concentrate; you're selecting a passport to a realm where tropical sweetness meets unparalleled potency. Elevate your concentrate game with a taste that's as memorable as it is mesmerizing.

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