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1g Badder Live Resin - Dirty Diana

🌌 Dirty Diana Live Resin Crumble - A Luxurious Indica Escape 🌟
Experience the rich, indulgent essence of Dirty Diana Live Resin Crumble, crafted for those seeking a profound relaxation and euphoria. 🌿

Strain Type: Indica 🍃
THC: 92.6% 🚀
Genetics: Cheetah Piss X Sunset Sherbet 🧬
Form: Badder

Savor the VIP experience with this premium blend, featuring the potent genetics of Cheetah Piss and Sunset Sherbet. Dirty Diana delivers a deeply soothing effect, enveloping your senses in tranquility while enhancing your mood. Ideal for unwinding after a long day, its high THC content ensures a potent and lasting experience. Discover the allure of Dirty Diana—your ticket to celestial calm and serenity.

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