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Sluggers - Grapes and Cream Juiced 5-Pack

SLUGGERS 5pack Grapes and Cream: A Luscious Hybrid Symphony 🍇🍦

Triple Infused for a Superior Experience
✅ Rolled in Kief
✅ Infused with Liquid Diamonds
✅ Enriched with Hash
Pack Size: 5-pack
Infusion: Triple Infused for a Luxuriant Experience

Introducing SLUGGERS 5pack Grapes and Cream: A Confluence of Flavor and Elegance

Dive into the divine blend of SLUGGERS 5pack Grapes and Cream, where the seductive essence of grapes meets the creamy richness of cookies and cream. This hybrid, a unique cross of Grape Pie and Cookies N Cream, is a tantalizing treat for the senses, offering a nuanced tapestry of flavors.

A Gourmet Flavor Experience: Grapes and Cream provides a delightful fusion of sweet, vine-ripened grapes with the smooth, velvety notes of cookies and cream. Each draw is a journey through a flavor-filled vineyard, enhanced by the intricate layers of taste and aroma.

Triple Infusion - Triple the Delight: Our meticulously triple-infused prerolls ensure that each puff delivers an intensified experience. The triple infusion process heightens the strain's natural strengths, providing an indulgent high that's both satisfying and unforgettable.


  • Handpicked Premium Flower: Carefully selected for its exemplary quality, ensuring a smooth, satisfying burn and a decadent flavor profile.
  • Potent Extract Infusion: Elevating the experience with a potent kick that enlivens the senses and intensifies the high.
  • Generous Kief Coating: A lavish sprinkling of kief adds an extra layer of complexity and depth, enriching both the high and the flavor.

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Grapes and Cream: SLUGGERS 5pack Grapes and Cream is more than a preroll pack; it's an invitation to a luxurious world of hybrid excellence. Perfect for those seeking a harmonious high that combines the relaxation of an Indica with the upliftment of a Sativa, Grapes and Cream offers a balanced and transcendent smoking experience.

The Pinnacle of Hybrid Luxury: Ready to indulge in an unforgettable cannabis journey? Grapes and Cream is not just a choice; it's a foray into the opulent realms of flavor and potency. For the cannabis enthusiast seeking a unique and sophisticated experience, SLUGGERS 5pack Grapes and Cream is the ultimate luxury.

Step into the lush world of Grapes and Cream with SLUGGERS 5pack — where unparalleled flavor, potency, and elegance reign supreme. 🍇🍨🌟

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